Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Faerielands and what one may find there

As is customary with any first blog - or first thing that I do in general. I am writing this at 2:07 in the morning. This ensures that the utterances shall be in a word - quite mad.

To begin I will tell you what to expect from this blog. That, my friends, will be my first task here. I will expound upon the future contents of this working and allow you to know its innermost secrets. . . . . or I will just babble on about that for three sentences without telling you anything useful >_>

In this blog I will post anything and everything that I deem awesome. Tatterpunk, I might add, is a whimsical, dust-saturated fashion.... like shabby chic steampunk. It is filled with desaturated colours, tattered old lace and silk, faerie-like, carnivalistic,  and frayed. I came up with the term myself and I'm hoping it catches on. . . . I will most likely post about my newest crafts on Etsy as well as about other shops or blogs that I think need to be blogged about.

I also expect that there will be strange carny lore and urban ironside faerietales within these tent-walls. I am a bit too sleepy to make much sense anymore so I will stop this post now.

Goodnight, Gentle Reader. May you awaken on a bed of moss.