Monday, January 31, 2011

Wacky Hijinx Ensued . . .

I was going to blog more about my hats, but it’s about 6 AM and technically I should so be asleep. So I will keep this nice and short (ish).
I have a bunch of updates on the hatting, but I think that will have to come perhaps two posts from now. . . I’ll be then doing the feature of my photoshoot as well as a bit about the model’s super duper epic Etsy shop. So . . . for now. . . Just some fun! (hopefully not too offensive... and please know I have nothing against hoboes or train folk. In fact I shall be one at some point whenever I decide that I have the time and stability to run away and train hop . . . but I shall not be so fail at it!)

The above comic is a true account of what occurred today on our car ride to find food. It was sort of hilarious. . . A Witch, A Rivethead, and an Emo-kid in a car together is bound to make for madcap shenanigans . . . I drew this afterwards. The man’s sign was written not only with very small lettering, but with either pencil or silver sharpie. Fail. . . I mean, yes, I feel bad for him if he’s having troubles, but you’ve gotta make your cardboard signs readable!  Click on the pic to enlarge it.

The other awesome thing about this... is that for the first time in maybe fifteen years. . . . I did a page of sequential art. . . . 0_0.  I am the one with the round glasses.

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  1. i too would be laughing..very sad but funny. um, why aren't you wearing one of your epic pieces?????!!!!???