Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Angel of Pain Models for Tatterpunk

This weekend was a busy one for the Tatterpunk. My friend Shelby came to visit so that we could go to the 30 Seconds to Mars concert on Monday, and she also agreed to do a photoshoot where she would model my hats and ruffs and things. SO! After hanging out for like a couple years all the time and living across an alley from each other, we finally had our first ever sleepover lol.

So Tuesday morning we got Shelby ready for the photoshoot.

First off, Miss. Shelby Day is the proprietress of Itami Designs (Tenshinoitami) on Etsy. She makes rather epic everything, mostly scene kid things, and her original designs which are very original mind you. Her facebook fan-page is here (Itami Designs Facebook page) so go like her stuff. In the photos she’s wearing a skirt and top she made - she has listings for custom versions on her facebook page.

We went out to the sewer drain-y area of the canal.. which sounds WAY more disgusting than it is. It’s terribly cluttered with old shopping carts and refuse which is sad, but it works out very well for the pretty pretty photos I wanted to take. My concept was to mix modern with nature, so it was excellent.

Shelby modeled my hats as well as various other items. The photos are of course here. She is absolutely beautiful, is she not? Makeup was by me. 

Mostly otherwise amusing things happened over the weekend, like the comic in the last blog post, and then the concert.... which was EPIC. Jared Leto came on stage in an officer’s hat (the rest of his outfit was lame... but the HAT), which was absolutely lovely. There was a lot of jumping around, screaming, singing along, you know the usual concert stuff. It was lots of fun. I am so out of shape though >_<.

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  1. the pics came out wonderfully of coarse..visited her lovely shop too!