Sunday, December 19, 2010

Body Parts Strewn on the Kitchen Counter

So, the latest fun things going on in the Tatterpunk’s life . . . .include body parts all over the kitchen counter, Art, Winter Solstices, and teeth!

Some people are Crafters, some people are Artists. It is interesting, talking to so many people on Etsy, because it has really let me see the difference between artist and crafter. I for instance, consider myself an artist. I make things because I need to make them, true they are multimedia works, or accessories, or generally things people would consider “crafts” but it’s all about the approach. I don’t do it to sell them. If I did, I think I might have gone crazy and quit by now considering I’ve sold all of ONE pair of glovies (though in one month, that’s pretty good).

I make things because I have to make them. Because I want to create some sort of illustration of the things going through my bizarre and insomnia-addled mind. I just happen to have a shop where I sell them. Therefore I don’t care if they’re marketable pieces or not, or if they scare the crap out of everyone who sees them (in fact that would be awesome).

I think that many folks who still consider themselves “crafters” are probably also artists, but I think the difference lies in the approach. What I consider a “crafter” is someone who makes things to sell specifically, lots of the same thing maybe. Thoughts?

I bring this up, because recently I began using teeth in my pieces. Specifically the Spirit Medium Ruff ( the Ruff ) and the Jenny Greenteeth cuffs ( The Cuffs ). I love these pieces, but initially when I showed the former to people, they started suggesting that I use canine (sharp pointy not dog) teeth instead of molars, because “molars are just creepy.” That sorta bugged me.  . . lots. It got me thinking though, that I really don’t care if this stuff sells - I mean.. . I do . . .because I need money (lots), but I don’t because it’s just my art and I’m doing what I love.

I guess I should explain the body-parts too . . . I’ve decided to make a few art dolls. . . or try my hand at it anyhow 0_o. I’ve been sculpting the head/chest, lower arms, and lower legs out of Paperclay. I have three dolls made. See if you can see what’s odd about the picture at the top!

Happy Yule folks!

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