Saturday, December 25, 2010

Trapping Spirits in Dolls

Holiday Fun and Doll-making
    Happy Christmas to those who celebrate it!  Also happy Yule a few days late!  I celebrate both, so if I ever have kids they probably will get to too. . . this would mean more presents, so I can’t see them as having any problem with it at all.  I got more cool things today than I was expecting, including a huge cage for Brown Jenkin- my rat, one of the Pendergast Books, a penguin pillow pal thing . . .and a pair of Nepalese Wool Glovemittens!  I’ll keep the holiday updates brief though so that I can get to what I’m really blogging about - Dolls!

    I have recently begun making Art Dolls to sell on my Etsy.  I have been sculpting them with Paperclay which is - for those of you who don’t yet know - an air-dry clay made from wood pulp and volcanic ash.  It’s sort of epic!  They are going far better than I had originally expected, and they’re super fun to make!  For now I’m just making little Fae dollies such as The Scare-you Crow, and Freddie the Key Thief.  It is my hope, however, to begin making and selling Ball Jointed Dolls made from resin eventually.  First of course though, I will make them with the Paper-clay so that I can get good enough and then make the master dollies to cast the molds the same way.

    I have been looking up tutorials on this, and I will include several links of note here.

    A Russian Site which is translated with Google Translate
    A series of You-tube videos where an artist is sculpting a head
    A step-by-step tutorial on making and casting the molds and resin
    And another English site which deals with hands. <3

    I seriously can’t wait to get started on these guys!  I may need some tools I don’t have yet, and I’ll definitely need to get a proper job so I can afford the sillicon or latex for the molds, but for the time being I happen to have a good 15 lbs of Paperclay at my disposal, which means a good amount of BJD’s depending on the size.   (The Non-Ball-Jointed Art Dolls so far only take about an eighth of a lb each.)

    I’ll post some more fun and interesting tidbits as I learn or find them, and probably some photos of my journey along the way.  Hopefully the faerie folk will get more and more epic as I go! Currently, I am working on developing wing-making technology. 

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