Monday, December 6, 2010

Salmony Goodness and Chilly Winds

There is a chill wind blowing through the Storylands today. With it, I think shall come something stranger than has occupied this space previously.

The shop is coming along nicely, which is most excellent - though I still have yet to procure my first sales >_<.  I am hopeful though, for with the winter come the holidays and thusly the need for awesome things for people to wear or gift.  I have a solstice sale going on in my Etsy shop - The Tatterpunk Carnival of Curiosities 20% off before shipping when you use the coupon code SOLSTICESALE.  Alright, now, enough business business is boring. I will now proceed with the glorious madness!

Today I am going to talk about..... salmon. Yes. Salmon.

I had this for brunch today. I really enjoy baked salmon, and I am sure it is relatively good for me (except for the mercury). The trouble is that I have to bake it. This would not be a problem if not for the fact that the oven takes a long time to pre-heat. That bugs me.

Salmon bear a long mythological history. Loki turned into one to escape after killing Balder... but he was caught by Odhinn of course . ..  Also they stood for wisdom in Gaelic countries - in one such tale, a young man eats but a little smidgen of the juices from cooking a salmon and gains all of the wisdom of a man 100 years old. Salmony goodness here the story is recounted in a rather long-winded but assumedly accurate way. I, unfortunately, have not managed to gain any massive knowledge from eating salmon. But it sure does taste good in my tummy.

That said, I would probably like it better if salmon were a vegetable. Though they too have feelings and should not be thought of as lesser. Respect your food folks!

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