Friday, February 4, 2011

The Anti-Valentines Day Challenge

Sooo, it’s blogging time once again! I’m trying to actually get a lot more done - plus I have sooo many things to blog about lately that I may as well just do it!

Today’s blog is about the Anti-Valentines Day Challenge I set for my lovely Etsy Team - The Carnival of Curiosities! I have included photos of all of the entries (you can also see them in this treasury here - You Can Keep Your Heart ). All of them are exceptionally lovely, and I am so glad that we had all the entries we did.  The winner of the challenge is EternalDreamer  for her item Broken Heart.

Other entries and links are listed here:
Wiley Coyote Neckeater by FeatherAhead
Circus Sideshow Performers Valentines by PilousPercilla
My Heart Bleeds for You by SteamTimeJewelry
Love is Colder than Death by holidaytart
Modern Screw by jalinde

Thank you all again!!

More blogging soon - I must tell my readers all about the cool hats I got from FeatherAhead!

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