Sunday, February 6, 2011

Every day is Raturday!

Hi there gentle readers!!
It’s time for yet another bloggie post!

Today I shall tell you about my real-lifey-stuff. I was going to do a story for a blog thing, but I am not done with it yet, so here we go with realstuff.

I live in an old factory in Richmond, it’s apartments now, but the area is sort of run down and bohemian at the same time. I call it The Storylands. It seems like the very air in this place is full of stories which are just waiting to be told.

There was a fire in the area a good hundred and twenty years ago, and the effects seem to still be about.  I woke one morning to an entirely burned man at the foot of my bed (and this wasn’t my usual sleep paralysis). He looked over at me and then vanished. Weird. There is also a little girl I’ve spoken to and seen on a few occasions. Yes, I see dead people. This is a normal occurrence for me. And yes, I’m also a bit crazy. Such fun!

My roomie is a blue-haired rivet-head mad scientist. She’s really quite epic and super crazy-smart. It is amusing the two of us, we just call each other right and left brain. She and her cat will be properly here soon. Pollux is the cutest kitty EVER.

I, myself, have the cutest rat ever. Her name is Brown Jenkin. My other rat Mistah J recently passed, as did the young rat we got named Yersina pestis as seen in this photo (post mortem photo). It was very sad. So now it’s just BJ.. she is INSANE. AND SO EFFIN CUTE, as seen in the top photo from Halloween times!

Most of my friends are in either separate cities or states, it’s sort of annoying. I’ve met some really cool people through selling on Etsy. So that’s more friends in other states! WOO!

FeatherAhead - the shop of one of my very good friends, has recently bestowed two lovely, lovely hats upon me. I adore them ever so much!!! My hair looks dreadful otherwise I’d take pictures of them now. The proprietess has also given me a bunch of amazing supplies - feathers, fur, fabric.. all sorts of things beginning with the letter F! For this I am very thankful. So, all of you go to her shop and buy EVERYTHING. The quality is amazing, seriously!!

I think that’s about it right now. I will probably do some shop-features soon, so stay tuned!


  1. aww...thank you hun! <3 You are amazing too!

  2. I saw these and HAD to show them to you: