Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meet The Family of the Undead

 As you’ve seen, I utilize a lot of bones and skulls and mannequins in my photography for my site. These for the most parts belong to either myself or my roomie. They weren’t acquired for the purpose of modeling jewelry and accessories either. Mostly they’re our quirky decorations!

First off, we have Mr. mannequin Man. He’s currently wearing the 6th Doctor’s coat so he can stay warm by the window. He belongs to the roomie.  Next the exploded head man atop the science shelf. Eventually I want to put some blood spatter paintings behind his head. He doesn’t tend to participate as he is high up there.
We also have a white female hanging form, I haven’t used her for modeling yet, but it’s only a matter of time, it is!

The heads of course must come into play here. The glass one, which is so very very creepy, the standard styrofoam one for pinning unfinished items, and then the actual wooden hat block which was given to me by my brother in law. <3 So much awesome there!

That brings us to the bones!
If you couldn’t tell, my roomie and I enjoy bones.We have some deer skulls and some groundhog skulls as well as a scapula and femur from deer. There is a dog/coyote skull and a raccoon skull as well.

So that’s the undead family. . .They’re pretty awesome once you get to know them. 

that’s it for now <3

~The Tatterpunk


  1. love this post! its awesome to see the "behind" the scenes...

  2. this post makes me really happy... it's nice to know there are other weirdo's like me running around! yay to creepy dead things!!! LOL
    (ps... it also makes me happy to see that you are a doctor who fan)